How to Run Your Own Event

You want to teach CSS to your own local community, and would like to run your own CSSclasses event? Fantastic! You are welcome to use our learning materials and guidelines for inclusive coaching and learning. However if you’re interested in running your event under the CSSclasses brand, there are a few rules:

1. You must operate under a Code of Conduct

Only a safe, welcoming and accessible event is beneficial for the community. All CSSclasses events aim to be safe spaces for attendees, coaches, and everyone involved. Educating yourself and your team about the risk of harrassment and about ways to deal with it is crucial to run a safe event, and a public Code of Conduct is a required first step in this process.

2. You must be commited to diversity and inclusivity

Only a diverse community is a healthy community. All CSSclasses organizers actively work on involving diverse people of the community. This starts with ensuring your team of organizers and coaches is diverse. Educating yourself and your team about the lack of diversity in our community and actively working to make your event welcoming and inclusive is required to run a CSSclasses event.

3. You must have attended an existing CSSclasses event

We do this to ensure that you know what a CSSclasses event is like. We run these events as not-for-profit, volunteer driven community events, where we try to isolate the things that work well and reduce, if not remove, the items that degrade the experience. We focus on shared social experiences, and we do our best to make a difference in the community. Reading about it second-hand doesn’t convey the full scope of this and that is why we require that people looking to start a new CSSclasses have attended an existing CSSclasses.


If this sounds like the type of event culture you want to join and help to move forward, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear about your motivation for running a CSSclasses event and figure out the details. Find us in our Slack Chat or reach out to @CSSclasses on Twitter. We’re looking forward to help you get started!

Had a great day with you all @CSSclasses! Thank you for that <3


So many nice ppl to ask questions! A nice atmosphere.


Thanks so much @CSSclasses for organizing the workshop today, I had a great time!