CSSclasses is for beginners and experts alike: Using CSS as a simple and low-barrier entry language, we empower people to understand their browser and to learn how to experiment with code. Workshop and hackathon in one event.


CSSclasses was kicked off in Berlin by the teams of CSSconf EU and OpenTechSchool, and regularly offers beginner workshops and expert classes.


Kristina Schneider
Kevin Lorenz
Bastian Albers
Łukasz Kliś



Hamburg is the second city where CSSclasses is taking place regularly. Since the first event in May 2016, regular beginner workshops and expert classes have been offered where everyone is encouraged to join.


Jonas Reitmann
Klaus Trainer
Leonard Koch
Markus Bertling
Stefan Schult
Isabel Fallera


Had a great day with you all @CSSclasses! Thank you for that <3


So many nice ppl to ask questions! A nice atmosphere.


Thanks so much @CSSclasses for organizing the workshop today, I had a great time!