How Does Coaching at CSSclasses Work?

In our workshops, learners follow along the tasks on their own computers. Learners have to figure out how to solve certain problems, and might get stuck or need help – that’s what coaches are for! To give advice, to explain something and help learners to follow along with the tutorial. Coaches don’t have to be around the entire day, just a few hours of help are great too.

Who Can Be a Coach?

Everyone! As soon as you can help the learner next to you, you are a coach. No need to be an expert. No one knows the answer to everything – if you are not sure or stuck with a question, just ask another coach to help out.

How Do Coaches Prepare?

Be sure to read the OpenTechSchool Coaches Guide, and also take a look at the Core Values. Make sure to be familiar with our Learning Materials. Also please arrive at 9:30 am on the workshop day, to attend our Coaches briefing and help prepare the venue.

How To Become a Coach?

It's really simple! Just contact us on Twitter: @CSSclasses (workshops in Berlin), @CSSClassesHH (workshops in Hamburg) & @CSSClassesAMS (workshops in Amsterdam).

Where Else Can I Help And Ask Questions?

Hang out with us in our Slack Chat. This is where we discuss and plan the workshops. You can also follow us on Twitter. You can contribute to improving the website and learning materials on our GitHub.

Had a great day with you all @CSSclasses! Thank you for that <3


So many nice ppl to ask questions! A nice atmosphere.


Thanks so much @CSSclasses for organizing the workshop today, I had a great time!